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Best Free Programming Tutorials for Architects

  • Charger Games - Unity3d, C#
    Code Compile - Unity3d, C#
    Daniel Shiffman - Processing , JAVA
    Eclipse Foundation - Coding Basics
    Architectural Intelligence - Grasshopper , Galapagos
    JGN Games - Unity3d, C#
    John Park - Processing, JAVA
    Jonathan Weinberger - Unity3d, C#
    Jomasan - Proceccing, Unity3d, Grasshopper3d, Maya, Python, Java, Rhino3D
    Joseluxxx - Grasshopper
    Mostapha Sadegipour - C#, Unity3D
    Rushforth Projects - C#, Python, Revit
    School of Code - Processing, JAVA
    Sebastian Lague - C#, Unity3D
    Thejaboston - Processing, JAVA
    thenewboston - JAVA, Python
    thinkparametric - Grasshopper
    Unity Official - Unity3d, Java, C#
    Solo Learn - for Free and Effective Learning.
    The Building Coder - Revit API
    Autodesk - Navisworks API
    ANAR+ - Parametric JAVA based processing Library
    BurgZergArcade - Unity3d, c#
    Coding Math - Algorithms for graphics
    Mathematics for Computer Graphics - Name says it all. 


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