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Architectural, BIM Startups, Research, PhD Fund-raising Sources

  • Indigogo - Crowd funding Platform
    Architectural Competitions - Design Competitions
    Elance - Freelancing Jobs
    Kickstarter - Crowd Funding Platform
    Aga Khan Founndation - International Scholarships for research
    Commonwealth Scholarships - Commonwealth Scholarships or Commonwealth Countries students
    British Council Scholarships - Covers most of the Scholarships for Developing Countries. - Covers Major international scholarship program for International Students
    Scholarship Positions -  Widely used PhD Scholarships search portal
    DAAD - Scholarships for study in Germany.
    US UNESCO Scholarships - UNESCO Scholarships in US
    UNESCO World Heritage Centre - Internships and Employment at UNESCO WHS
    Crowd Funder - Crowd funding site.
    UN Careers - Jobs in United Nations.

    Best Open Source (Free) Softwares for Architects

  • Blender 3D - best for animation and modelling like Maya and 3ds Max
    Unity3D - best for game development, tools development, interactive visualization
    Processing  - best computational, parametric, programming tool
    Gimp - best photo editing tool like Photoshop
    Synfig - Great presentation tool like Flash
    Lightworks - Best Video editing tool.
    EnergyPlus - Best simulation tool can be used in a combination with Sketchup, ecotect, designbuilder, processing and many other software packages.
    Prezi  - Probably one of the Best Presentation Tool ever created
    Lucidchart - A tool for generation of conceptual flow charts.
    Apache Open Office - A free Office, that can be replaced with MS Office.
    Celtx - an effective tool for writing your stuff.
    CV maker - make your cv in minutes.
    Wolfram Alpha - one of the most amazing tool for calculations graphs, and most of the usefull stuff. Just try it once.
    Hitfilm 3 - Best movie making software.
    QCAD -  Free drafting software.
    Jyupyter Notebook - Awesome tool for data visualization using python.
    Canva - Online Sheet composition, poster , graphics tools.
    Picktochart - Online infographics, reports, presentation tool.
    Studio Sketchpad - Free online JAVA compiler
    ISSUU - Free Portfolio hosting website
    Unreal Engine - Free game design software for interactive visualization.

    Important Free Websites for Architects

  • Art Professor  - Everything you need !! Probably best of all.
    Archdaily - One of the most informative in terms of Architecture.
    CTBUH - Best for high rise structure.
    Evolo - Best gallery for outstanding conceptual / non-conceptual work
    Connections - Useful resource for Design Inspirations
    Arch2O - Awesome collection of drawings and concepts.
    Death by Architecture - Keep updated on all major architectural competitions.
    Archmedium - Collection of competitions entries, etc.
    Archinect - Best place to study awesome portfolios.
    Future Learn - Learning broad stuff!!
    Architectural Design Blog - Free Ebooks Previews!!
    Visualizing Architecture - Important Architectural Tutorials
    Noun Project - Free presentation symbols.
    Bibliocad - Free architectural Drawings
    RevitCity - Free Revit Libraries

    Best Android Free Apps for Architects

  • Design Dimensions - Standard dimensions of most common architectural entities
    Mobile Sketchbook - Android version of Autodesk Sketchbook
    Autocad WS - Autocad
    Measure and Sketch - Live measuring and sketching tool
    Construction Helper - Good for calculating areas and volumes.
    Handyman Calculator - Best construction calculator of all. And most important tool for Architects.
    BuildApp - Best for creating floor plans and can be visualised in 3D.
    House Plans - Free readymade residential floor plans.
    Smart Measurement Tools - Tremendously efficient and time saving tool.
    Geek Tool Light - Best tool for survey and leveling.
    Expense Manager - Manage your Expenses.
    Construction Estimator - Simple estimator
    Feets and Inches Calculator - As name says. Simple yet powerful.
    Diary of Success Puncher - Keep track of your daily progress.
    Day Counter - Days countdown app

    Upcoming BIM Tools

  • Tekla - for project coordination
    Bluebeam - collaborative BIM pdf tool
    ProjectWise - highly powerful project management tool
    E-Builder - Construction program management software.
    Note Vault - Daily on site reporting tool
    VICO - 5D Construction management software.
    Snagit - Most powerful screen capturing tools for coordination
    GoToMeeting - Setup meetings, webinars, conferences. 

    Best Free Programming Tutorials for Architects

  • Charger Games - Unity3d, C#
    Code Compile - Unity3d, C#
    Daniel Shiffman - Processing , JAVA
    Eclipse Foundation - Coding Basics
    Architectural Intelligence - Grasshopper , Galapagos
    JGN Games - Unity3d, C#
    John Park - Processing, JAVA
    Jonathan Weinberger - Unity3d, C#
    Jomasan - Proceccing, Unity3d, Grasshopper3d, Maya, Python, Java, Rhino3D
    Joseluxxx - Grasshopper
    Mostapha Sadegipour - C#, Unity3D
    Rushforth Projects - C#, Python, Revit
    School of Code - Processing, JAVA
    Sebastian Lague - C#, Unity3D
    Thejaboston - Processing, JAVA
    thenewboston - JAVA, Python
    thinkparametric - Grasshopper
    Unity Official - Unity3d, Java, C#
    Solo Learn - for Free and Effective Learning.
    The Building Coder - Revit API
    Autodesk - Navisworks API
    ANAR+ - Parametric JAVA based processing Library
    BurgZergArcade - Unity3d, c#
    Coding Math - Algorithms for graphics
    Mathematics for Computer Graphics - Name says it all. 


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