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Best Open Source (Free) Softwares for Architects

  • Blender 3D - best for animation and modelling like Maya and 3ds Max
    Unity3D - best for game development, tools development, interactive visualization
    Processing  - best computational, parametric, programming tool
    Gimp - best photo editing tool like Photoshop
    Synfig - Great presentation tool like Flash
    Lightworks - Best Video editing tool.
    EnergyPlus - Best simulation tool can be used in a combination with Sketchup, ecotect, designbuilder, processing and many other software packages.
    Prezi  - Probably one of the Best Presentation Tool ever created
    Lucidchart - A tool for generation of conceptual flow charts.
    Apache Open Office - A free Office, that can be replaced with MS Office.
    Celtx - an effective tool for writing your stuff.
    CV maker - make your cv in minutes.
    Wolfram Alpha - one of the most amazing tool for calculations graphs, and most of the usefull stuff. Just try it once.
    Hitfilm 3 - Best movie making software.
    QCAD -  Free drafting software.
    Jyupyter Notebook - Awesome tool for data visualization using python.
    Canva - Online Sheet composition, poster , graphics tools.
    Picktochart - Online infographics, reports, presentation tool.
    Studio Sketchpad - Free online JAVA compiler
    ISSUU - Free Portfolio hosting website
    Unreal Engine - Free game design software for interactive visualization.


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